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Creative teams

The main power of Overdreamers teams is co-creation, which we believe is the base of every healthy society.  Co-creation within the team and thoughtful co-creation with our partners in an open and transparent environment grow talents, born passionate leaders, and emerge innovative ideas. This open approach to work attracts highly efficient talented people and encourages them to join our community.

We are proud of our creative teams and invest all our efforts in the development of the services we offer. They are high-quality animations, AAA 3D ​​modeling, concepts and screenwriting for game trailers, NFT illustrations, and more. In every production department, we have highly professional Ukrainian specialists working side by side. We are convinced that thanks to creativity we manage to inspire and amaze the whole world, especially in such a difficult time.

Game Trailers and UA Videos

AAA teasers
Game Trailers
Directing / Scriptwriting
User Acquisition videos
Production management
Short animated films

Art services

Concept Art
Art Direction
3D Character Modeling
3D Environment & Props Modeling

Animation and Visual FX

2D Animation
3D Animation
Flash Animation
Animation Rendering
Visual Effects

Game Capture

Gameplay caption
Video editing
Voice over

Playable Ads

HTML5 game development
Creating and porting HTML5 social games
Ad network integration

Web3 solutions

NFT collections
Metaverses experiences
Video pitch presentations

How passionate can you be about digital production?

The gaming industry was created by visionary and creative people who were free to imagine a better world of tomorrow. Now we are stepping into a new era, where gaming, social media, and blockchain technologies provide an opportunity to create and expand our ideas & dreams much faster and with less effort.

We produce amazing creatives: from concepts to realistic visuals, from small ideas to full digital adventures. There are no more boundaries between the material and digital worlds, it is one creative space where every digital artist or team has the opportunity to embody their ideas and collaborate. We believe in a better world of creative approaches and help find the best projects in the gaming industry or other digital industries.

Our passion and inspiration always come from the heart, which is now with Ukraine, our Motherland. For many years, our team has worked to develop a powerful creative community in Ukraine, and this is an exciting and fulfilled process since our people are very innovative, broad-minded, and hardworking. Despite extremely difficult circumstances, our refugees continue to look for projects to collaborate on. Overdreamers Studio unites and manages creative production, thus meeting the needs of all our partners and Ukrainian specialists.

The more we work – the more we can support Ukraine and bring our mutual victory.

We donate 30 % of net income in efforts to help Ukraine.

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